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Integration with in-house ticketing systems

Integration provides the following features:

  • Pulls movie details from the ticketing system definitions
  • Pulls session times and availabilities
  • Easily categorizable sessions (eg baby-friendly, premium class, film festival, seniors with coffee sessions)
  • Easily refreshed manually or automatically
  • Integrates with any booking system provided

The free version does not provide any free ticket integration modules; though it is completely usable without them via the manual entry system.

WP Cinema integrates with a number of in-house ticketing systems through additional licencing modules. This provides fully automated update of session times on an hourly (or configurable) basis, as well as (in the near future) flagging of sessions that are full or nearly full.

If your ticketing system provides a site or link for booking, the session links can be set to go direct to the appropriate site.

Full support for internet booking is currently under development; when this is done you’ll be able to sell tickets for most systems direct from your site. Currently you can only sell tickets through the configurable third party link system as just mentioned.

* Currently the supported cinema ticketing solutions are VenueMaster, Veezi, and Haxlen. Others to follow soon.