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WordPress – the most common CMS in the world

WordPress is the fastest growing CMS (self-editable) system on the web
Current usage estimates are around 60 million websites and that it is the
fastest growing CMS on the web at the moment.

WordPress has won extensive awards for it’s configurability and power.
WP Cinema is based on it bringing you access to a whole world of
additional functionality through WordPress plugins, themes and
extensive information on the web.

Developers – we work with your developer

WP Cinema is structured in such a way that you can use your own developer
and simply use the WP Cinema plugin for the movie functionality of your
website.  For instance, if you have a web developer that you want to
retain, they can design the look of the website while we provide the
backend movie and session functionality.

WP Cinema provides a system of action hooks and filters that allow you to
configure how the back end code works.  The appearance of your webpages
including movie pages and listings can be controlled via stylesheets
in your WordPress theme.

Your developer can contact us directly for support if needed and we provide
a site installation and setup package that keeps your site secure as well
as setting up the WP Cinema package and testing that it works.

We usually encourage clients to find a suitable WordPress theme with
their designer and tweak that to get an appropriate look.  This makes a
a highly professional design possible at a fraction of the cost.

Web hosting – use ours or yours

While we provide and recommend our web hosting, you are not locked in and
can use your own hosting if desired.  The developers of WP Cinema, WD3,
have been providing reliable web hosting in the Australian and international
markets since 2002.

Support for external hosting problems is not included in your subscription
and may incur additional costs.  We recommend a cPanel based host if