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Easy movie categorization

You can set up special programme pages for specialized movie categories.

The system provides easy and powerful categorization for special sessions, such as “baby friendly”, or premium/luxury/gold sessions, or special showings or festivals.

This is configurable and can be controlled:

  • Automatically through use of a prefix in the movie title
  • Automatically through use of a special text flag in the description (which can be invisible)
  • Automatically through detecting a special price code on the session
  • Manually through editing the session and assigning a type
  • This is all setup through the admin options pages
  • One movie can be in multiple categories

Once you have the categories setup, you can use them in the following ways:

  • Have a special prefix or suffix after the session time, with a link, eg “baby” or “luxury”
  • Have different ticketing links for categorized sessions
  • Remove categorized sessions from the home page
  • List category sessions on a special page, eg have a dedicated page for baby-friendly sessions, or a science fiction festival, or your weekly seniors and coffee discount sessions

This allows you to market to special interest groups, or to run special “festivals” throughout the year, with their own dedicated pages.