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VenueMaster WP Cinema Module

VenueMaster (often referred to as Venue) is the main cinema solution used in the Australian marketplace. We integrate tightly with Venue. The main services provided are:

  • Movies and sessions fetched periodically or on request from your ticketing server in cinema
  • Session Booking through VenueMaster’s booking system (
  • The system interfaces with the standard WP Cinema functionality which provides automatically populated movie descriptions, images, trailers, and more

General notes:

  • NFT implemented via VenueMaster’s movie nft end date
  • Session Booking through VenueMaster’s booking system
  • Movie Start, Preview and End dates taken from VenueMaster. Preview dates show a special preview session and one-off events can be reflected by setting Start and End date to the same date.
  • VenueMaster Description can be used as a default if there is no movie database entry
  • 3d flag taken from movie title, or per-movie setting
  • VenueMaster session pricegroup can have 3d attribute