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MovieDB – Movie Information Synchronization

WP Cinema maintains a library of movies which we call the “MovieDB”, that is, the movie database.

When new movies are created in the system (either manually or via automation) the system does a lookup on the MovieDB server to see if we have details for it.  If we have details in MovieDB, WP Cinema copies them to your website to act as a starting point for a description of the movie.

These details usually consist of:

  • Correct name of the movie
  • Release Year
  • Cast (actors)
  • Thumbnail image
  • Youtube/Vimeo trailer video
  • Short synopsis of the movie

How this works:

Normally you would enter movies into your cinema ticketing solution (eg: Venue, Veezi, Haxlen etc).  When the website checks your scheduled movies, it picks up the new movies then looks them up in the moviedb and enters the details for you.

We recommend that you expand on the synopsis and movie details using the movie editor – you simply login and then each movie will appear with an “Edit Movie” dark bar across the top of the thumbnail – simply click to be taken to the editing screen.  You can include extra details, add website links, and change trailers, all from the edit movie screen.

While we put effort in to stay ahead of cinematic releases, we cannot guarantee that we will always have details ahead of release time.  You can wait for a few days, as the system will automatically enter new details if they become available; or you can enter the details yourself.

Note that the system only updates movie details if you have not entered an image or a description.

The MovieDB system is a free service to cinema owners.  Some cinema owners find the descriptions do not need any editing which effectively makes their website self-maintaining.

Some notes:

  •  The system attempts to correct spelling mistakes and errors in the names of movies
  •  The search method is quite flexible and is capable of dealing with words that have been cut short, but copes badly if two words are run together as the same word (eg “Guardiansofthegalaxy” would not be found, whereas “Guardian of the gal” would)
  •  Although we go to some effort to prevent this, it is possible on rare occasions that the wrong movie description may be fetched.  We strongly recommend you check the details of all movies are correct.

This is not to be confused with any other services using the name “moviedb” – this is a service internal to WP Cinema.

The Pro version of WP Cinema is required for the use of MovieDB