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What are the limitations on the free version of WP Cinema?

As WP Cinema is intended solely for commercial cinemas, we no longer provide a limited free version.

What booking systems does WP Cinema work with?

WP Cinema requires a booking system to perform ticketing and booking services in the cinema. Our software retrieves programme information from your booking system and displays that information on your site.

If you use our ticketing services, we reserve and confirm seats in each session live, as they are booked and payment is received.

Currently our system works with VenueMaster and Haxlen/eBooking. The system works with plugin drivers and so, generally speaking, it is not difficult to develop support for new booking systems.

How many cinemas is WP Cinema used in?

As of March 2021, WP Cinema is used in about 12 cinemas in locations around Australia. Some cinemas use WP Cinema as a front end for movie timetable display, others use our full ticketing system.

We tend to aim at providing an affordable and basic service for smaller country cinemas, but about half our cinemas are located in urban areas.

What does WP Cinema actually do for me?

This question is best answered by our features page, but as a very short top-level summary, WP Cinema:

  • retrieves session and event/movie information from your cinema booking system and keeps it current
  • facilitates single-click entry to your ticket purchasing system, as relevant
  • for ticketing, reserves and allocates seats in sessions as they are purchased
  • provides simple default information on movies, including, for instance, correct title, rating, cast, description, and a short trailer
  • allows you to simply update movie information as needed
  • updates missing Australian ratings on the fly, as they are released on the site
  • provides a simple (shortcode-based) method for integrating movie program information onto your home page
  • allows you to manipulate session types, via "categories" and price groups, to support specialised showings or premium sessions

Our ticketing system provides a full-service ticketing experience for customers:

  • Sends a ticket email, which includes full session details. The email is the ticket and no PDF is sent
  • Sends a ticket SMS message to the customer's phone, and a reminder; and also tracks receipt
  • Reserves tickets as they are sold in your booking system
  • Provides a sale email to the cinema detailing each purchase
  • Prevents double purchases, either of the same session or the same seats
  • Provides the ability to extensively customise messages and ticket information provided to the client