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What are the limitations on the free version of WP Cinema?

The free version supports a maximum of 1-3 screens in a cinema site. Everything you need to have a fully functional website is provided.

We also support limited-duration film festivals without charge, no matter how many screens or sessions you run.

The free version does not provide automated connections with in-house ticketing systems or synchronisation of session times – you have to enter your times manually. As you’d expect, the plugin does rotate your sessions as entered from day to day and you can enter a week at a time.

The free version also does not automate movie descriptions or images, which are added automatically when a movie is first seen when you have the commercial version. You can enter these manually.

How can you afford to release a functional system like this for free?

We make our money from support and licencing for larger sites. This includes additional modules for the system which make it very powerful and extensible.

We also work with developers who wish to use our products for their own cinema sites.

Actually, we’re rather thrilled to offer this “lite” version without charge to smaller cinemas and to film festivals as we see it as a way of giving back to the industry, and we hope it might help smaller locations and occasional venues get started more easily.

Additionally, the free version allows you to evaluate and experiment with the software without restriction. Please note that we love to hear if there are key features missing that would make a difference for your site – please let us know.