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Veezi WP Cinema Module

The Veezi module interfaces with the Veezi central server. Veezi runs in the cloud and does not require a server in the cinema to perform booking and is the little sister of the well-known Vista cinema solution.

The services provided by the module are:

  • Movies and Sessions are fetched from the Veezi system
  • Session booking provided through Veezi’s booking system
  • The system interfaces with the standard WP Cinema functionality which provides automatically populated movie descriptions, images, trailers, and more

General notes:

  • Movies and Sessions are fetched from the Veezi system periodically and can also be manually requested
  • Session booking through Veezi’s booking system using the Veezi website
  • Movie start date derived from the first session when the movie is first seen
  • 3d and NFT flags: if they are set on a session, they are saved in our database (though not widely used in our system at present)
  • Cast (if provided by Veezi) is summarized into the WP Cinema Cast field
  • Note that the cast and description might be overwritten by our own movie database entry, if one exists
  • Basic support for FilmPackages (some sites do not use FilmPackages):
    • a description for each movie is created from the individual movie (title, description, cast)
    • The rest of the detail can be supplied by yourself – including links to additional trailers, images, etc
    • The title is taken from the FilmPackage title